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Trident Worldwide specializes in international trade and compliance consulting
Trident Worldwide specializes in international trade and compliance consulting

Trident Worldwide, Ltd.

Privacy Policy


The Trident Worldwide, Ltd. Privacy Policy was last updated in June 2008.


· Registered User, Customer and Visitor Information Protection

· Information Security and Integrity

· Retention of Customer’s Information

· Customers are Responsible for Protecting Information and Systems on Their Premises

· What Information We Collect And How We Will Use It

· Links to Other Sites

· Cookies

· Web Surveys

· Trident Worldwide, Ltd.Web Site Applications

· IP Addresses

· Consent to Receive Certain E-mails

· Review, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Information

· Contacting Trident Worldwide, Ltd.

· Acceptance


The following paragraphs describe our commitment to the protection of Personal Information as it applies to the Trident Worldwide, Ltd. Web Site(s), which are Web sites controlled or operated by a Trident Worldwide, Ltd.entity or a Trident Worldwide, Ltd.affiliate, unless the Web site expressly publishes a different or modified privacy policy.


Registered User, Customer and Visitor Information Protection


We understand the importance of privacy to the registered users, customers and visitors (hereinafter “Customer”) of Trident Worldwide, Ltd.’s web site(s).  Our policy is to treat what we learn about our Customers as confidential.  We will not give or sell confidential or Personal Information (as described below) about our Customers to any third party not affiliated with Trident Worldwide, Ltd., except as necessary to provide or offer Trident Worldwide, to the Customer, as required by law, or in connection with an investigation of possible illegality.     


We use information about our Customers to provide or enhance the following:  the services we offer, the way we communicate about additional services Customers may find of value, to satisfy our legitimate business interests, to set prices, to fulfill our Service Agreements, to accomplish our billing functions, and to comply with all governmental regulations.  Although governmental regulations vary and frequently include the reporting of information to transportation, safety, Customs, and other regulatory bodies, as a consulting firm, our governmental reporting requirements are generally minimal


As we collect and use information about our Customers, we may contract with vendors to assist us in processing that information for those purposes listed in the previous paragraph. These vendors are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are restricted from using the information for any other purpose.  In addition, as Trident Worldwide, Ltd.continues to develop its business, we may buy or sell subsidiaries or business units.  As part of these transactions, customer information of the subsidiaries or business units may be one of the assets that are transferred.


Examples of information that we collect include names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.  Some of the information collected by Trident Worldwide, data which relates to an identifiable person ("Personal Information").  We do provide Personal Information to government agencies or others as required by law or regulation, and in connection with investigations of possible illegalities.


Information, including Personal Information, provided as part of a Consulting Project or any other contractual relationship whereby such information is made available or becomes available to Trident Worldwide, Ltd. from a Customer represents a record of that business transaction and is subject to Trident Worldwide, Ltd.‘s Terms and Conditions. The Trident Worldwide, Ltd.Terms and Conditions are available at Trident-Worldwide - Service Terms and Conditions


Information disclosed to Trident Worldwide, Ltd.IS NOT protected under any type of attorney-client and is therefore subject to subpoena.  If such attorney-client privilege is desired, you must contact Trident Worldwide, Ltd. personnel prior to engagement commencement in order to determine alternative arrangements where such protection might be afforded through separate legal counsel.


Information Security and Integrity


We treat our data as assets that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. We employ information security techniques to appropriately protect confidential information from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the company.


Retention of Customer’s Information


We retain information, including Personal Information, about Customers as necessary for business purposes and as required by government regulation.


Customers are Responsible for Protecting Information and Systems on Their Premises


Information disclosed by Customers or, on their behalf, through a consulting arrangement with Trident Worldwide, Ltd. is typically stored in various business systems located on Customer premises.  Customers concerned about the security of their information in these systems should secure it by activating passwords and using physical access controls, consistent with all processes detailed in any Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) application with Customs and Border Protection. 


What Information We Collect and How We Will Use It


Visitors can access most areas of the Trident Worldwide, Ltd.Web Site without revealing who they are or providing any information about themselves. However, some portions of our site require that users identify themselves in order to enable access the information in those portions.  We ask users to provide some Personal Information in these situations.


Links to Other Sites


Trident Worldwide, Ltd.provides links to external commercial and governmental web sites as a convenience to the user.  The inclusion of any link does not imply Trident Worldwide, Ltd.’s endorsement of the external site company, its web site, or the products and services it might promote or sell, nor does it imply that Trident Worldwide, Ltd.guarantees the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the data presented on any commercial or governmental website.  Trident Worldwide, not responsible for the privacy practices, the content or the consequences of reliance upon the information presented on such web sites.




Cookies are text files that a web site can send to a user's internet browser for storage on the user’s hard drive. Cookies can make use of the web easier by saving and administering status, application, preferences and other user information.  Most browsers are designed to accept cookies but users can change the setting to refuse cookies or to be alerted when cookies are being sent as part of a computer security and data integrity plan.  Refusal of cookies will not interfere with the ability to interact with the Trident Worldwide, Ltd.web site(s).  In the future, it is possible Customers will need to accept cookies in order to allow future functionality or the functionality of a Trident Worldwide, Ltd.vendor or affiliate.


Web Surveys


From time to time, we might post survey forms on the Trident Worldwide, Ltd.web site(s) to better understand our Customers' needs and to create or improve content that responds to our Customers’ suggestions.  Customers may opt-out of participating in follow-up surveys or simply refuse to answer them.  Trident Worldwide, Ltd.will not disclose survey response information to companies or individuals outside Trident Worldwide, Ltd.  with two exceptions:

Anonymous aggregated data, with all names, addresses and other individually identifiable information removed. 

Vendors who would be required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are restricted from using the information for any purpose other than helping to provide services to Trident Worldwide, Ltd. or Trident Worldwide, Ltd.Customers.


Trident Worldwide, Ltd. Web Site Applications


Users of Trident Worldwide, Ltd.’s web site(s) and other vendor applications on the Trident Worldwide, Ltd. web site(s) that enable the purchase of products and services who choose to use credit cards for payment are required to provide information about themselves and their card.  We use, and our Vendors might use, this information to establish credit for billing purposes.


IP Addresses


The Trident Worldwide, Ltd.web sites might collect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for system administration, security, and statistical analysis purposes.  An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to a computer whenever it is connected to the Internet.  These addresses might be logged and analyzed to understand where requests originate so that we can provide the most efficient service, enhance security, ensure appropriate usage and produce traffic volume statistics to better serve our Customers.


Consent To Receive Certain E-Mails


We send e-mail communications about Trident Worldwide, Ltd. products, services and special offers to Customers without prior consent.  Each e-mail we send for marketing purposes enables recipients to opt-out from receiving further marketing e-mails from Trident Worldwide, Ltd. The “opt-out” functionality can also be accomplished on and selecting the option labeled, "Remove me from Trident Worldwide, Ltd.  marketing e-mail communications."


Review, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Information


Registered users can review, modify, or delete the information previously provided at the registration site by editing their information.  Registered users should note that Trident Worldwide, Ltd.will use reasonable efforts to delete user information when requested but that some residual information may remain because of backup files, deletion logs or other data protection processes.

Contacting Trident Worldwide, Ltd.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your experience on any of the Trident Worldwide, Ltd. web site(s), you should contact:


Suggestions, materials or comments sent, transmitted or communicated in any way to Trident Worldwide, Ltd. that are not related to a paid consulting engagement or other paid commercial relationship with Trident Worldwide, Ltd., where the information is specifically agreed by all parties that such information is confidential shall be deemed to be non-confidential.  Trident Worldwide, Ltd.shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such suggestions, materials or comments and it is expressly agreed by the provider of such suggestions, materials or comments that Trident Worldwide, Ltd.shall be free to use and distribute such suggestions, materials or comments, without attribution or compensation to the providers, to others without limitation, including, but not limited to developing and marketing products incorporating the suggestions, materials or comments.



Your continued use of this site signifies your acceptance of the Trident Worldwide, Ltd. Privacy Policy.  We reserve the right to modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time by posting the revised policy at the Trident Worldwide, Ltd.web sites at our sole discretion.  Please check this page periodically for changes.


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